Freshwater fish are fish that live in rivers, streams, lakes, swamps and irrigation.
This fish with a salinity of less than 0.05%. Of the 41% of fish in the world are in fresh water, that’s because of rapid speciation, making their habitats scattered making it possible to live. The characteristics of freshwater fish are physiologically somewhat different, the gills of freshwater fish must be able to diffuse water and must maintain salt levels in their bodies. The scales of freshwater fish are also different, and finally the kidneys of freshwater fish are large because of the water that passes through them.

There are also fish that reproduce in fresh water but live in salt water. This fish is widely known as salmon, trout, and stickleback, and there are the opposite, living in fresh water but reproducing in salt water / sea.

There are several types of freshwater fish that live in rivers, lakes and rivers. Here are some types of freshwater fish that can be consumed;

A fish that is quite popular in the community, this fish is named mujair, originally its name was taken from the name of its inventor. It is said that the person who found the fish was named “mujair”. The discovery of this fish in the coastal Serang river area, around Blitar in 1939. The shape of the fish is flat with black, gray and yellow colors, measuring up to 40 centimeters.
This fish contains a lot of phosphorus and nutrients that are good for the body.

This fish, which tends to be rather expensive, does not make it a barrier for people to like it for consumption.
The body of the carp is a flat and wide body, and the fins are wide and tight, the flesh is dense and thick, and has large spines in the middle of the body only.

Fish that have this mustache, are fish that are very popular with the community. This long-bodied fish without scales or smooth has small eyes and a wide mouth as well as 8 feelers.
The price is also cheap and can easily be bought in markets and stalls.

This fish has soft meat but has many fine bones in its body, making us have to be extra careful when eating it but behind that the meat of this fish is very tasty and delicious,
This fish has an upright body, normal scales and elongated fins.

Catfish is a freshwater fish that contains many vitamins, this fish contains unsaturated fats up to 50% of all the nutrients contained in fish.
Catfish do not have scales and have the same flesh as catfish.

This fish for children, pregnant women and the elderly is very good because it contains DHA and omega 3 which are quite high.

This fish, which has a scientific name oreochromis niloticus, is very much bred in Indonesia because of its easy maintenance. This fish is red, and black with a gray pattern. Tilapia is similar to tilapia fish.

The meat of this fish is rather savory, unlike other freshwater fish.
because tilapia meat contains sodium glutamate which causes this fish meat to be tasty and due to the influence of this fish food it eats phytoplankton and aquatic algae.

This fish, which mostly lives in rivers, lakes and swamps, has a large and slippery body shape and has a head like a snake, this fish which has a fairly good selling value, can be processed into various healthy food preparations.

Thus I wrote a freshwater fish that can be consumed for the community

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