Youth With You

Youth With You

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Other name: 偶像练习生3 , Idol Producer: Season 3 , Youth Has You: Season 2 , 青春有你2 , Youth With You: Season 2, 青春有你第二季

Cai Xu Kun was the center in "Idol Producer," making his debut in the group, 9 Percent. In this upcoming season, Cai Xu Kun replaces Lay as the PD. The mentors for this season are: Lisa, Ella, and Jony J. There will also be "X Mentors" which are unknown guests. Since season 1 was only male trainees, season 2 will be only female trainees. Trainees are from different entertainments and SNH48 Group. Only nine from the 109 trainees will be selected through viewers' votes and debut as a group.

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 0

Genre: Friendship; Musical,Youth;

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